MB Warns of Aftermath of Egyptian Parliamentary Election's Quake
MB Warns of Aftermath of Egyptian Parliamentary Election's Quake
Tuesday, December 21,2010 21:42

Dr. Essam El-Erian, the Brotherhood's media spokesman and member of the Executive Bureau, has warned of serious consequences of the so-called ‘earthquake’ that took place in Egypt's much-criticised parliamentary elections. "The disappointing results of the vote will undoubtedly undermine the entire political process and decrease hope that peaceful political reform can be made," said El-Erian, expecting that it contributes to open the door for further violence as a result of people's despair from the possibility that the government will not respond to demands for reform.
He believes that the upcoming change will probably not be through political means and Egypt's military could be a "key stumbling block" and will play a significant role, referring to the president's intention to undo the presidential election despite the fact that Egypt held its first contested presidential election on September 7, 2005.
"If the military elites are increasingly convinced of the futility of reform by the ruling NDP, the doors will be opened to other serious means of change that certainly do not include polls and other political means and which usually end the rule of technocratic authoritarian regimes," said El-Erian.
He also believes that the deliberate corruption of the electoral process and its disastrous consequences that were marred by blatant violations and widespread fraud, brought Egypt back more than 60 years, adding that if we do not contain its effects, it will negatively be reflected upon the Egyptian political forces, without excluding the  ruling party. Electoral fraud has destroyed all attempts for reforming the NDP as it began years ago.
El-Erian holds the regime responsible for blocking the prospects for political reform, after the lengthy list of violations observed in the recent Egyptian parliamentary elections, expressing his fear of electing a parliament dominated by the NDP leaving a very limited number of seats to the domestic opposition.
He does not deny the possibility of a new wave of violence due to mass electoral fraud, questioning "when change becomes a necessity it helps young people to build a better future for their posterity and time elapses without showing a glimmer of hope that they can exercise their political influence, then we notice the system opens the doors to incredible violence."
"The alternatives available to young people, making up the largest percentage of people, is very limited because there are no real opportunities at home to develop their skills nor enough jobs to absorb all the millions of young people seeking employment after the state has abandoned its role and left the economy and politics for businessmen," the MB's media spokesman said, adding that there is also no hope for overseas employment opportunities as was the case in the recent past. Therefore, the whole country will face serious trouble and will be vulnerable to disasters.