Nine Leading MB Members Arrested in Two Days
Nine Leading MB Members Arrested in Two Days
Monday, December 27,2010 22:16

Egypt’s largest and strongest opposition movement, the Muslim Brotherhood, have asserted that nine members of the group have been arrested after having their houses raided, including a member of the Executive Bureau.
According to observers, the recent arrests came about after allegations that the group would stage popular protests against the farcical parliamentary polls held in the country.
Most political opposition have voiced their dissent concerning the elections which they described as manipulated in favor of eliminating the MB and other opposition groups. They argued that results did not reflect the will of the population nor the authentic degree of opposition power, hence, they made their decision to boycott the second run off of the elections.
The group’s chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie asserted that regardless of the poll results the MB will continue adopting its peaceful means, calling for political reform.