El-Erian Lashes Out at NDP's Secretary Labelling his Speech as Worthless
El-Erian Lashes Out at NDP's Secretary Labelling his Speech as Worthless
Monday, December 27,2010 22:57

 Dr. Essam El-Erian, the Brotherhood's media spokesman and member of the Executive Bureau, described statements made by Ahmed Ezz, the NDP's Secretary for Organisational Affairs, during the seventh annual conference of the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) on the Muslim Brotherhood, as "insignificant".
"It seems that fraud and the government's tight grip on power dominated Ezz's thought," El-Erian said, noting that his party has lost credibility, as acknowledged by Emad Eddin Adib known to have an  affiliation with members of the NDP close to the regime
In a statement on the Wafd website, the Brotherhood won a fifth of the seats in parliament in 2005. Constitutional scholar, Yehia Jamal noted that the MB, as a political faction, won 30% of votes. This in turn, refutes the allegations of the NDP Secretary that the Muslim Brotherhood is fond of dividing Egyptians into two camps.

"The eight years Ahmed Ezz served as the NDP's secretary is not enough to evaluate our performance," the MB media spokesman said, adding that Egypt is not inferior to the NDP.  In his speech Ezz fiercely, launched a scathing attack against both the Muslim Brotherhood and Wafd Party.

He falsely charged the deputies of the Muslim Brotherhood in the outgoing parliament, “as fond of disseminating false rumours about the ruling NDP claiming their words never matched their deeds".
He unjustly questioned their patriotism stressing that all the MB MPs cared about in the outgoing assembly was to defend the Palestinian Islamist movement of Hamas in Gaza at the expense of Egypt's interests.
As previously mentioned, he falsely accused the Muslim Brotherhood of being fond of dividing Egyptians into two camps: Brotherhood Muslims and non-Brotherhood Muslims and that the Brotherhood Muslims are the ones who follow the righteous way and will go to heaven, while non-Brotherhood Muslims are not true Muslims and that God might forgive them or not. He charged the Muslim Brotherhood of exercising a kind of “elusive opposition”.