MB condemns barbaric blast outside Alexandria church describing it as heineous and criminal
MB condemns barbaric blast outside Alexandria church describing it as heineous and criminal
Saturday, January 1,2011 10:22

The Muslim Brotherhood vehemently condemns the criminal blast outside Alexandria’s church, describing it as a barbaric and cowardly act of violence and a criminal act of terrorism, calling for the immediate identification, investigation and punishment of the perpetrators.

At least 10 people have been killed and 24 injured following the attack on a church in the Sidi Bishr district in the northern governorate of Alexandria in Egypt.

According to witnesses and police sources a car parked outside the church detonated shortly after the Coptic Christian midnight mass on New Year's Day.

Following the bombing, Christians pouring out of the church clashed with security forces that had arrived on the scene with reports of injuries, while police used teargas to disperse the crowd.

The attack comes after Egypt's interior ministry promised it would increase security around Christian sites following threats on Egyptian Christians by Al-Qaeda in Iraq and a year after another attack on Coptic Christians - a drive-by shooting in the town of Nag Hammadi that left six Christians and one Muslim dead.

The MB condemns in the strongest possible terms this example of terrorists' cynical and callous disregard for human life.  It stresses that nothing justifies terrorism, which is aggression against Islamic values which forbids any act of violence and does so without distinction of language, culture or religion.
It calls on the authorities to step up and assume its responsibilities in providing the necessary security around all sites of worship and premises and demands those responsible for this heinous crime be immediately brought to justice.