MB Begins New Moves to Coordinate with the Opposition
MB Begins New Moves to Coordinate with the Opposition
Saturday, January 1,2011 00:00

The Muslim Brotherhood has made moves to renew contact with opposition parties by sending delegations from the group's leaders to the parties; the top of which is the Wafd party. These visits were a result of past efforts initiated by the group, which raised a controversy in many Egyptian political parties.
A member of the Brotherhood's Executive Bureau, Essam El-Erian, said that the group, within a few days, would continue its efforts and coordination with other political powers.
El-Erian added: "It is expected that the Muslim Brotherhood's delegation will hold its first meeting with the Wafd Party, followed by meetings with other parties like the  Democratic Front Party, Al-Karama party, - which is under construction - Ayman Nour's Al-Ghad, and The National Association for Change (NAC).
In a question about the group's attitude on its delegation’s visits to the other Egyptian parties, El-Erian said: ‘We refuse to make contact with the leftist al-Tagammu` because they struck a deal with the NDP to fight the Muslim Brotherhood.’ He explained: ‘We reject only party's current leaders but the Brothers have good relations with other leftist leaders.’
As for choosing the Wafd as a premier destination and date of the visit, El-Erian said: ‘The MB and the Wafd share common ground, and we are convinced with Al-Wafd's veteran leaders and the date of the visit has not yet been set.’