Canadian Ambassador: Islam Is on the Rise in Canada and We Are not Threatened by Muslims
Canadian Ambassador: Islam Is on the Rise in Canada and We Are not Threatened by Muslims
Saturday, January 8,2011 21:30

During a recent interview with Al-Youm al-Saba’a, the Canadian Ambassador, Ferry de Kerckhove, to Egypt commented on numerous topics concerning Egypt’s current situation including, the deadly church blasts, ElBaradei and the succession of power.

He condemned the bombing of the Qeddesinne Coptic Church in Alexandria, which resulted in the deaths of 23 people and hundreds injured. He stressed that Canada recognizes the deep desire of the overwhelming majority of Egyptians for religious tolerance and the centuries-long peaceful co-existence of Muslims and Christians in Egypt. He called on Egyptians of all faiths to work together to end what he described as sectarian violence.

The ambassador stressed that despite the events concerning Muslims, Canada has not been affected by the phenomenon of Islamophobia. He commended efforts by Egypt’s ambassador in Canada to achieve harmony between the Egyptian communities, stressing that Muslims co-exist peacefully with other religions in Canada. He noted that in fact Canada has seen a substantial rise in the number of converts highlighting that Islam is on the rise.

Regarding former IAEA Chief, Dr. Mohamed El-Baradei, who emerged recently on the political arena, he alleged that while El-Baradei delivered relevant speeches and enjoyed charisma, he believed he was not qualified to lead Egypt. He stressed that although he highly respected El-Baradei for his achievements in his field work and in his former positions he believed El-Baradei was not cut out to be a leader.
When asked about democracy he stressed that each country defined it differently, however, he asserted that it was necessary that each country highlight its priorities. He underscored, however, that for democracy to be successful in Egypt the country needed to guarantee stability for its citizens.