MB leader Ibrahim Munir: I Will Turn to International Court of Justice to Prove Innocence
MB leader Ibrahim Munir: I Will Turn to International Court of Justice to Prove Innocence
Wednesday, January 12,2011 10:20
By Saeed Abbadi

Ibrahim Munir, the group's representative in Europe and one of the defendants in the International MB Networking Case, said: "I have appealed my sentence before a British court, which will hear my case next month after I was sentenced to five years' imprisonment on charges of money laundering before a state security court emergency on Saturday". He also pointed out that "he would resort to the international court of justice to prove his innocence."
In an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb, Munir has maintained that he respected the Egyptian judiciary but the regime obliged him to do so, noting that international justice is sufficient to prove his innocence and he denies any false accusations fabricated by the Egyptian regime.
Speaking from London, Munir said it was difficult to launder money from the UK due to the UK’s strict regulations on money transfers.
He also expressed his astonishment that an unjust sentence is issued by an incompetent court, he said to Ikhwanweb's reporter, Dean, indicating it is fabricated lies and baseless because the Egyptian security is fully aware of the MB’s activities abroad. "If we assume that the accusations are true, we will inevitably be subject to punishment," he said, adding that Egyptian security wants to say they are more vigilant than others by convicting us through verdicts that were issued from military courts.
"It was incumbent upon them to issue convictions against those who rigged the results of the recent parliamentary elections, exported gas to Israel and cut off the supply of electricity to the Egyptians instead of arresting those who call for the right path and preach people to adhere to goodness."
He concluded his speech by saying that he fully understands that the government has tried him because he made an error against Islamic teachings, but he does not accept to be tried for an offence he has never committed.