MB leaders in International Networking Case to Sue Egypt's Government before ICJ and British Courts
MB leaders in International Networking Case  to Sue Egypt's Government before ICJ and British Courts
Thursday, January 13,2011 10:24

"Senior Muslim Brotherhood leaders abroad, who were convicted by the Supreme State Security Court in the alleged international networking case, revealed their intention to file lawsuits before theInternational Court of Justice to prove their innocence and to prosecute the Egyptian regime," Al-Masry Al-Youm said.
Ibrahim Munir, the group's representative in Europe and one of the defendants in the international MB networking case, said, "I have appealed my sentence before a British court, which will hear my case next month after I was sentenced to five years' imprisonment on charges of money laundering before a State Security Emergency Court on Saturday." He also pointed out that "he would resort to the international court of justice to prove his innocence."
Speaking from London, Munir said it was difficult to launder money from the UK due to the UK’s strict regulations on money transfers.
He also expressed astonishment that an unjust sentence was issued by an incompetent court, indicating that the sentence is based on fabricated lies and is baseless because Egyptian security is fully aware of their activities abroad. "If we assume that the accusations are true, we will inevitably be subjected to punishment," he said, adding that Egyptian security wants to say they are more vigilant than others by convicting us through verdicts that were issued from military courts.
He added: "It was incumbent upon them to issue convictions against those who rigged the results of recent parliamentary elections, exported gas to Israel and cut off the electricity supply to Egyptians."
From his residence in Yemen, Wagdi Ghoneim, who was also sentenced by the Egyptian court, said, “The court is incompetent and has no jurisdiction to pass any sentence on me. We were raising donations for the group, that’s all. And the security services of the countries from which we collect those donations would have arrested us had we been doing anything wrong."
Al-Jazeera quoted Saudi preacher, Awad Al-Qarni, concerning the five years' imprisonment issued by a  special court in Cairo: "The charges made against him by the Egyptian Public Prosecution are fabricated." He added: "I emphatically and unequivocally stress that these accusations are completely unfounded, and I challenge the Egyptian Security Services to provide a single shred of evidence on the veracity of what they claim." 
"The Saudi Interior Ministry knows me well, so they do not pay attention to the rule of Egypt's Emergency Court in the case that is renowned in the media as the case of the “Brotherhood international network."
The Egyptian Public Prosecution revealed that the Egyptian Public Prosecution accused him and other suspects of providing financing to the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood organization to finance its illegal activities in Egypt.
As for the verdict's consequences, he said: "We in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have a specialty which is built upon applying Islamic Sharia law on all aspects of life; therefore – unlike other Arab countries – we are not in need of an organized mechanism to return Islam to the lives of the Ummah."
As for the security agreement signed between the governments in Cairo and Riyadh on extradition, a news writer said: "Awad Al-Qarni is a Saudi Arabian citizen."