Amnesty Calls for Safeguarding MB Detainee
Amnesty Calls for Safeguarding MB Detainee
Thursday, January 13,2011 17:52

Amnesty International has issued a statement of which Ikhwanweb has a copy, urging the Egyptian authorities to order security police to stop harassing and intimidating the families of detainees who were arrested in connection with the January 1 bombing of a Coptic church in Alexandria and to reveal the current location of Mohamed Ismail Mohamed from the Muslim Brotherhood.

The public prosecutor ordered an investigation into the whereabouts of Mohamed who has disappeared while in detention since January 5th and at the same police station as Sayed Bilal who was killed as a result of torture by security personnel during interrogation concerning the church blasts.

Malcolm Smart, Amnesty International’s director for the Middle East and North Africa, stated that the Egyptian authorities must take immediate measures to protect the family, ensure an independent investigation into Sayed Bilal’s death, and safeguard other detained suspects from torture or other forms of ill-treatment.
MB lawyer, Khalaf Bayoumy, seconded the call, urging the regime to respect the constitution and freedom of citizens