MB Calls on Government for Five Immediate Changes to Secure Egypt
MB Calls on Government for Five Immediate Changes to Secure Egypt
Tuesday, January 18,2011 12:51

Muslim Brotherhood media spokesman Dr. Mohamed Morsy, has announced that the MB has put together five demands, urging the Egyptian regime to immediately put them into effect, asserting that they will solve many of Egypt's problems and maintain its stability.

During his interview Morsy highlighted that if implemented, the demands would benefit all of Egypt.

The demands urged the following:

Abolition of the state of emergency
Dissolution of the new parliament and conducting free and fair elections
Constitutional amendment to Articles 76, 77 and 78 which are related to the elections
Presidential elections to be run in accordance with these amendments
Dismissal of the current government, and the formation of a government which responds to the demands of the Egyptian people 

Morsy addressed the events in Tunisia, stressing that it will affect both the Arab and Islamic worlds, adding that the popular uprising against injustice, tyranny and aggression and the dignity of the Tunisian people has certainly rang a bell since the problems in Arab countries are very similar.

Morsy asserted that the anger of Tunisians should be a clear message to the rulers of our country, especially as citizens have reached their tolerance threshold with the continued injustice, oppression, tyranny, and corruption in all aspects of education, health, roads and the economy, in addition to forging the will of the people and the suppression of public freedoms.