Over 37,500 Egyptians to Take Part on January 25th Uprising
Over 37,500 Egyptians to Take Part on January 25th Uprising
Wednesday, January 19,2011 12:57

About 37,500 people announced they will take part with the "Khaled Said" Facebook group on January 25th street protests entitled "A Day of Change," and to date number is on the rise.

The "We are all Khaled Said" Facebook group called for a similar strike to liberate Egypt from oppressors and corrupters, hoping it erupts in all parts of Egypt. "If you are keen on Egypt's future and to regain your usurped rights... Join us... share and enough silence!" they said in their statement, adding that Egypt is no less than Tunisia.

Tens of thousands of protestors walked the streets which made Bin Ali stepped aside and flee from the country. We want to restore our rights.

The Facebook group identified the main demands, calling on the government to increase the national minimum monthly wage to 1200 Egyptian pounds, paying subsidies for unemployed individuals, putting an end to the state of emergency, dismissing the Interior Minister, releasing all the thousands of administrative detainees who are being held under the Emergency Law, dissolving the People's Assembly and amending the constitution to prevent a president from serving more than two terms of office.