Church Calls on Copts to Boycott Day of Rage
Church Calls on Copts to Boycott Day of Rage
Sunday, January 23,2011 09:34

The Coptic Orthodox Church has called on all Copts to abstain from taking part in the scheduled protest on January 25, alleging that the Day of Rage is initiated by the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafi movements.

Father Abdel Massih called on the Copts to boycott the protest and to remain in their homes, adding that they should fast and pray for Egypt's safety, claiming that the MB and the Salafist member's planned protests will result in chaos, looting, rampages and riots, describing the demonstration as politically motivated.
In a statement, the Father called for reform in all economic matters and hoped solutions would be found.
In all reality the Muslim Brotherhood to date has not announced its stance concerning the planned demonstrations where a statement was issued by the group's media spokesman Dr. Essam el-Erian who asserted the group was still to announce its decision.