Security Threats for Activists Hours before the Egyptian Day of Rage
Security Threats for Activists Hours before the Egyptian Day of Rage
Tuesday, January 25,2011 00:44

The Popular Campaign in Support of El-Baradei and the demands for change condemned the security campaign against its members in the different governorates as well as the security threats during the investigation on their involvement in organizing the protests on January 25, 2011.
The campaign announced in its statement that it rejects these threats and abstains from receiving warning letters. The statement provided that state security has been summoning members since Sunday at dawn. There were also security threats to arrest the families of members which were issued by security services during the past few hours. The protests are scheduled to take place tomorrow in the different governorates of Egypt in which the campaign will participate.
The statement emphasized that dozens of activists were forcibly taken away for interrogation regarding the details of the protests.

The statement also added that the security services resorted to a very strange process of summoning the parents of some activists and detaining them in security headquarters for long hours while threatening them with longer detention if their sons did not stop participating in the protests.
"The campaign does not exercise any type of secret work and all its activities are public. Accusing the campaign of being an illegal organization is ridiculous, because legitimacy comes from the streets and is not paid by the government to those it likes.”
The statement concluded by saying, “We have broken the barrier of fear and dedicated ourselves to this country and we have nothing to lose. Our steps will continue to achieve justice, freedom and human dignity as long as Egypt remains for the Egyptians and by the Egyptians."