MB Youth, January 25 Activists Hope it Will Be the Start of Significant Change
MB Youth, January 25 Activists Hope it Will Be the Start of Significant Change
Tuesday, January 25,2011 20:35

Once the Muslim Brotherhood announced their participation in the Day of Rage protest scheduled for Tuesday, January 25th, Brotherhood bloggers promoted a banner across Facebook pages entitled "I'm a MB member who will demonstrate on January 25".
They established a group on Facebook, entitled "Right word when Sultan unfair", calling on youth to take part in the Day of Rage protest. To date, hundreds have joined them, including member of the MB Executive Bureau, Abd al-Rahman al-Barr.
MB bloggers urge people to join them in the protest and express their opinion about several issues of common concern at the regional and international levels.
MB youth polled by Ikhwanweb expressed their consent as one MB member Ammar al-Beltagi said: "I will participate in the January 25 protests, stressing the importance of people to rise up and protest to express their opinions freely and independently. I can't call it a revolution. It is a popular protest," he said.
Addressing intellectuals he added, "The time has come to play a leading role and join hands with the people. I think they have started to realize very well that the success of their cause is in extending a helping hand to their people." He continued, "Yesterday I was at a seminar attended by a large number of intellectuals and writers, and I think this sense is starting to bear fruit."
MB blogger, Sheriff Abdel-Hamid Heshmat from "Bloggers against Abu Hasira group", said, "We say no to Mubarak and his corrupt regime that allowed the Zionists to desecrate the sanctity of the Egyptian land, Damanhur. The government allows Jews to flock to Egypt every year to visit the shrine of Abu Hasira and implement US-Zionist schemes."
Heshmat added: "Whether this call was applauded or rejected by the people, this day, in all cases, it is successful because it broke the silence, particularly as the repressive regime is losing courage and is frightened by independent youth refusing to submit to injustice. This is clearly indicated in most of the Egyptian governorates that were turned into military barracks 48 hours before the Day of Rage protests with threats to national parties of immediate arrest if they participated in the incident.
MB member Ahmed Abdel Rahman said, "The Brotherhood takes part in the incident demanding the government to meet demands that were agreed upon by political forces for the desired reform as we - an integral part of Egypt's youth – are asking for change against the repression experienced by the tyrannical regime."
"We take part in order to assure the whole world that the Muslim Brotherhood is the largest political faction and will eliminate corruption," he said.
He continued: "The Brotherhood's participation gives a strong impetus to Egypt's youth of different political trends, demanding to hold corrupt officials, who looted public money and usurped people's rights, accountable.
Abdel-Rahman called on police to be neutral because everyone rises up against oppressors, not against legitimate state institutions. It does not belong to the ruling classes but is the property of all Egyptian people.