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Muslims and Christians United in the Battle for Tahrir Square
Muslims and Christians United in the Battle for Tahrir Square
Friday, February 4,2011 18:32

Egyptian protesters are holding their ground in Cairo 's Tahrir Square today against pro-regime thugs as foreign journalists and activists were attacked, beaten, and arrested in what appears to be the prelude to a harsh crackdown.

Muslim and Christian protesters in Tahrir are edgy despite the generally safe and celebratory atmosphere. They are organizing themselves in case pro-regime thugs enter the square.

In the past days of unrest, as Muslims prayed in Tahrir Square during the protests, Egyptian Christians protected them from pro-Mubarak thugs in a moving scene of solidarity and humanity.

Western journalists and Muslim and Christian activists trying to get into Tahrir Square were beaten by thugs on many occasions. Despite rising food prices, closed banks and businesses and many hurt and injured people from the protests, Egyptians from all religions and walks of life are again taking to the streets demanding that Mubarak steps down.