Military Contemplates Dignified Exit for Mubarak
Military Contemplates Dignified Exit for Mubarak
Wednesday, February 9,2011 14:06

Following three weeks of protests and unrest in Egypt efforts to offer President Mubarak a dignified exit are underway.
According to an article in Spiegel online, plans for a possible hospital stay appear to be more concrete as talks by the US government and Egypt's military officials take place. In fact Spiegel Online has learned that a luxury clinic near Baden-Baden has been recommended for the aging dictator's departure.

The US government advises Mubarak to travel to Germany for what they described as a prolonged health check.
The plan seems to be suitable following rumors that Mubarak is suffering from cancer although doctors in Heidelberg had previously nullified the rumors.

Mubarak, currently residing in the Egyptian Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh in a holiday villa, has been welcomed by politicians from Germany's center-right coalition government under Chancellor Angela Merkel.
Elke Hof, security policy spokeswoman for the business-friendly Free Democratic Party, the junior coalition partner to the CDU, welcomed an early departure if it guaranteed Egypt's stability.