MB: Our resolve is only strengthened following televised statement
MB: Our resolve is only strengthened following televised statement
Friday, February 11,2011 17:23

For the past eighteen days Egypt has witnessed a revolution which has united the people of Egypt in a nationwide call for democracy and freedom. For eighteen consecutive days people from all sects, religions and political factions have proved to the world that Egyptians are not suffering from a sectarian rift nor are there any internal disputes among the people. The world has witnessed a People’s Revolution urging for one major demand; the stepping down of ; the leader of a corrupt and unjust regime.

Following meetings with the newly appointed VP Omar Suleiman, and lame attempts to appease the people, the MB along with other political factions has concluded that Mubarak is stalling and has failed to follow through with promises of reform and amendments intensifying the anger of the people.
The televised statement by Mubarak which succeeded in angering the people was followed by another address to the nation by the VP who relayed that the president was working solely in the interest of the people which is another obvious outright lie. Both statements indicated that although the regime’s faces may have changed, their policy is one of deception, failing integrity and belittling of the Egyptian people’s intelligence.
 Suleiman further angered the people by calling on them to return to their homes and work thereby downplaying the revolution, their calls and their wishes and filling the void with anguish, disappointment and anger.
On this note, the Muslim Brotherhood speaks as part of the people in rejecting the address and denounces it for all its worth. The MB criticises the selfish and greedy tactics practiced by the regime who assume its superiority and continues to oppress the people who are simply calling for basic needs of freedom, dignity and respect of free will.
The MB along with other political factions continues its demands asserting that they will not back down till demands are respected and full democracy is attained and calls on everyone in power to step down and relinquish its tightened grip on power so that freedom and dignity are attained.