Ikhwanweb Expresses Sympathy to the Fallen Victims’ Families
Ikhwanweb Expresses Sympathy to the Fallen Victims’ Families
Wednesday, February 16,2011 15:29

Protests which began January 25th in Egypt succeeded in forming an atmosphere of patriotism and mutual respect among the people of Egypt as slogans were raised calling for Egypt’s democracy and the toppling of a corrupt regime.

Differences of ideologies were dropped as Christians and Muslims united in the hopeful dimension of the revolution. Egyptians abandoned their apathy and rose united in the hope for a brighter future for their children.

Unfortunately, freedom has a price and the revolution resulted in the death of over 300 victims, among whom were Christians who participated during the historical uprising.
Some were active participants while others observed with pride the birth of a free Egypt.
It is on this note that Ikhwanweb would like to acknowledge those who fell victims of the regime’s violence and offers condolences to the families of both the Muslims and Christians who sacrificed their lives in a just cause.