MB Statement on People's Urgent Demands
MB Statement on People's Urgent Demands
Thursday, February 17,2011 21:06

 The Muslim Brotherhood welcomes the Armed Forces Supreme Council's decision to dissolve the rigged People's Assembly and Shura Council, and form a respected committee to amend specific articles of the 1971 Constitution. The MB treasures promises made by the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces on peaceful and quick transfer of power to civilians and to determine the rules of a people's referendum on these amendments within a month so that the military elite can dedicate themselves for their great mission of defending the country's supreme interest and its national security.


The Brotherhood aspires to abolish the repressive state of emergency that has been used as a way to arrest, torture, imprison, muzzle, humiliate the whole society and create an unhealthy climate that does not fit with holding free and fair elections.


The immediate release of all political prisoners who were unjustly prosecuted before special courts, as well as detainees of the recent demonstrations is imperative and shall not be delayed because the continued detention of political prisoners, even for one day, is unjust and displeasing to people. Therefore, the Brothers hope Egypt's Armed Forces Council will issue an immediate decision to relieve themselves of the responsibility against the injustice and tyranny of the former regime.


We also hope to respond to the people's urgent demand to dissolve caretaker PM Ahmed Shafiq's cabinet or set a timetable as they look forward to being rid of Mubarak's state security police who tortured people to death, tightened its grip on all state institutions and turned Egypt into a police state. We also aspire to establish justice and hold criminals fully responsible for their crimes as Egyptian police are all corrupt and should be rehabilitated or sacked from top to bottom. We aspire to rehabilitate them with respectable personalities committed to the Constitution and respect for human rights so that justice prevails over creutly for the sake of Egypt's stability, welfare and prosperity.