Farouq el-Baz: The Next Egyptian President Should Do Without Security Guards Around Him
Farouq el-Baz: The Next Egyptian President Should Do Without Security Guards Around Him
Monday, February 21,2011 21:16

Space scientist Farouq El-Baz said that the next president should know that the prosperity of the nation is based on scientific research that secures the people. He must walk in the streets of Egypt without security guards as he is serving the people. He added that the concept of ruling and authority has changed, and it is now perceived that the ruler serves instead of controling.
He stressed that the Egyptian people are great and should be confident about this. “Respect in Egypt is now given according to social class, not to individuals qualities,” he pointed out that his mother used to teach him respect for human beings saying that his mother used to prepare the best meals for the drivers of Ministers when they came for a visit.
El-Baz stated that former governments did not consider scientific research as a priority. They did not know that more attention given to scientific research would increase production forces and bring better living standards.
He pointed out that Prime Minster General Ahmed Shafiq invited him to a meeting which he thought would be one to one but he found that all the ministers of his government were invited so that he could explain to them the plan for Egypt’s development.
He pointed out that Egypt loses 30,000 agricultural acres annually, which are considered to be of the world’s best soil. He explained that after 132 years, Egypt would not have any agricultural lands, hence we should expand the planted areas.
El-Baz stated that the plan for Egypt’s development costs 23 billion pounds, which is a very low price for Egypt to become advanced. If the costs could not be collected we could submit this project for all Egyptians for one pound per head.
He concluded his speech by giving advice to the next Egyptian president saying: “Take the lead” and to the people he said: “Be aware and work for your country.”