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Former Ministers Charged with Corruption and Slammed with Travel Bans
Former Ministers Charged with Corruption and Slammed with Travel Bans
Thursday, February 24,2011 21:12

Following the ouster of Dictator Mubarak and his dishonest regime, numerous investigations into instances of corruption have begun.  Former ministers have been arrested and charged in connection with millions of pounds misappropriated, misused, or embezzled.

According to Gawdat El-Malt, the Central Auditing Agency Chairman, confirmed that he sent three surveillance reports to the general prosecutor. The report cited fraud, corruption and mis-allocation of state funds.

To date the Egyptian authorities have arrested former Information Minister Anas Feqi and the Chairman of State TV and Radio Osama el-Sheikh on corruption allegations.

Former Minister of Culture Farouk Hosni and former Prime Minister Atef Ebeid have been slammed with a travel ban until the allegations against them are investigated. 

Former Minister of Housing Ahmed El Maghrabi and former Minister of Trade and Industry Rashid Mohamed Rashid has been referred for immediate trial for corruption.

In turn opposition groups have stated that the corruption stretched throughout the entirety of the former regime, and have called for all remnants still in power in the transitional government to be immediately removed.