Army issues statement regretting unintentional confrontations with protesters
Army issues statement regretting unintentional confrontations with protesters
Saturday, February 26,2011 15:16

Thousands of Egyptians rallied in Tahrir square to celebrate the success of the revolution and call for a new government purged of old guard remnants since a number of key ministries, including foreign affairs and defense, are still in the hands of the ousted Mubarak regime veterans.

Witnesses relayed stories and posted videos of military police using whips and tasers to break up the protest despite calls and claims that protestors advocated peace in all their rallies. In response hundreds of Facebook activists called for another protest Saturday in Tahrir against using force on peaceful protesters.

The skirmishes prompted the Supreme council of the Armed Forces to issue an official apology to the 25 January youth describing the incident as unintentional friction. It affirmed it was adamant to achieve the goals of the revolution, asserting that no orders were given to attack Egyptians stressing that it was not their policy nor will it be. The statement stated that the necessary procedures will be taken to avoid the repetition of such clashes.

According to a second statement, the army would release immediately the youth of the January 25 revolution that were detained in Tahrir Square during the protest.