16,000 Judges to oversee constitutional referendum
16,000 Judges to oversee constitutional referendum
Wednesday, March 9,2011 10:42

Approximately 16,000 members from different judicial authorities are expected to  supervise the referendum on constitutional amendments, according to Mohamed Atia, head of the supreme judicial committee appointed to oversee the referendum.
In statements to the press on Sunday at the General Secretariat of the supreme judicial committee, Atia stated that the referendum will be conducted on 19 March at 54,000 polling stations nationwide led by Attorney General, State Council and the Administrative Prosecution Authority (APA).

He added that the judicial committees overseeing the referendum process will receive complaints from voters during the referendum process stressing the police will be responsible for securing the process. He called on voters to cooperate with the police to create an amiable atmosphere in which it will be easy to vote.Any Egyptian citizen aged 18 or over and carrying a national identity card will be eligible to vote in the referendum, Atia said.

The total number of citizens eligible to vote--excluding the armed forces, police and judges will be 40 million.The ballot paper will list the proposed amendments alongside two boxes, one for and the other against the changes.

The Supreme Council of the armed forces has also  been called on to issue a decree stating that the referendum will be through the national ID card and non-compliance with voter's electoral commission.