Chief of SS admits ordering destruction of documents
Chief of SS admits ordering destruction of documents
Saturday, March 12,2011 12:48

Former head of state security, Hassan Abdel Rahman, has admitted to investigators that he ordered security personnel and officials to destroy state security files which contained incriminating evidence.

Security sources had confirmed Friday that Egyptian prosecution had arrested four former leaders from within the Ministry of Interior including former head of Cairo security Ismail Al-Shair; former head of public security Ali Fayed; former head of state security forces Ahmed Ramzy; and former head of the Cairo state security investigative unit Hussein Abdul Rahman also on charges of murdering peaceful protestors.

According to Human Rights records close to 700 Egyptians were killed in the protests, which called for the ousting of Mubarak and the fall of his regime after Egyptian security leaders ordered officers to use live ammunition against the protesters.

Regarding the documents State Security Chief Abdul Rahman alleged he ordered the destructions of the secret documents fearing they would fall into wrong hands such as foreigners and dangerous elements.

He claimed he worried they may have infiltrated the ranks of Egypt's pro-democracy protesters, and consequently use the documents to harm the country.

Related,  the destruction of 120 tons of state security files is also been investigated after reports revealed that Suez state security officials had attempted  to get rid of documents at the site.