MB, Kefaya, Copts Put an Initiative for Police Patrols’ Return to the Streets
MB, Kefaya, Copts Put an Initiative for Police Patrols’ Return to the Streets
Sunday, March 13,2011 17:11

Dr. Abdel Moneim Abul Fotouh, a senior Muslim Brotherhood figure; Dr. Samir Eleish, Kefaya Movement and Dr. Sherif Doss, Coptic intellectual have unanimously offered a suggestion to the Prime Minister Dr. Essam Sharaf on restoring security and stability in the Egyptian streets after police officers abstained from returning to their units, which would disrupt the economy and deter people from performing their work.
During Amr Adeeb's popular talk show, "Al-Qahira al-Youm" ("Cairo Today"), Abul Fotouh, Eleish and Doss presented a 6-point proposal for conducting a 3 month  training course at the Police Academy to train unemployed university graduates to act as police officers, especially graduates of faculties of law and Sharia.

In addition to regulate sessions for a month to recruit young male and female high school, industrial and commercial graduates to work as police men.
The third item of the proposal states doubling the  salaries of police officers to ensure their uprightness, to graduate junior police officers, and to open the door on a large-scale for graduates of law, Commerce, Literature and Education to enrol in Specialist police officers College.
They also urged their proposal be discussed and accepted by the Supreme Council of the armed forces amid the escalating tensions and difficult circumstances the country is going through.