MB in Bahrain urges Bahrainis to engage in dialogue
MB in Bahrain urges Bahrainis to engage in dialogue
Thursday, March 17,2011 22:04

Realizing that military force and civil war is not an answer to Bahrain’s unrest Dr. Salah Ali from the Muslim Brotherhood’s offshoot Al Menbar National Islamic Society has urged the ruling regime to engage in political dialogue to respond to the grievances, demands and the desires of the Bahraini people.

Ali stated that the group urges all sides to refrain from violence and the use of force in any way; to respect the universal rights of the people and the right to free speech, and the right to freedom of assembly.

According to Salah the effects of taking that approach will be to reduce the amount of unrest in the future, because suppression is not an answer in the long run to the problems in the country which have led to the unrest that has affected so many.

He added it is significant that the people unite and not be drawn into the trap of sectarian violence or sedition which threatens the country’s wellbeing and stability.