When Should Change Come in Egypt?
When Should Change Come in Egypt?
Friday, March 18,2011 16:34

A political tug-of-war is taking place as the Muslim Brotherhood and the former ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) support the amendments to the constitution that will be decided in a referendum on March 19, while almost all other political factions reject the amendments and instead, call for a new constitution.

The referendum is being held to authorize amendments to the constitution that will limit a president's rule to two terms of four years. The changes will also ease restrictions on presidential candidates and stipulate that once the next president is elected, parliament will draft a new constitution.

Opposition leader Mohamed ElBaradei supports his stance against the amendments saying that Egypt needs a new democratic constitution and if these amendments are adopted, holding legislative polls within two months will mean that 80 percent of Egyptians will not have the chance to participate in a real parliamentary election.

The Muslim Brotherhood on the other hand, believes that a transition of power must take place soon to usher in the new democratic era in Egypt , adding that the people have a role to play in the changes being made.