Dr. El-Erian: Voting No to Amendments makes Egypt Face Unknown Fate
Dr. El-Erian: Voting No to Amendments makes Egypt Face Unknown Fate
Friday, March 18,2011 17:33


Dr Esam El-Erian, member of the Brotherhood's Guidance Bureau and its media spokesman, has warned that if politicians urge people to vote "no" in the constitutional amendments it would drag citizens toward the unknown, indicating that those who call people to vote "no" have no alternative plans.

"Fears raised about the proposed constitutional amendments promoted by rejectionists is unjustified and just media hype," El -Erian said, adding that voting" yes" gives Egypt many privileges, most importantly, it will create a free climate aiming to conduct fair and transparent elections and draft a new constitution following the formation of an elected constituent assembly by the parliament, challenging attempts to counter the revolution's gains and enable the army to devote itself to its primary mission, namely to protect national security.

He also called on the Egyptian people to stand next to the police and army to protect the ballot boxes during the referendum, adding that using the Muslim Brotherhood as a scarecrow is the same style that was used under Mubarak's regime. He also asserted that the Brothers are too wise to lead the task of governing Egypt before they have strong popular support, based on a clear and unambiguous platform.