MB Statement on Referendum's Outcome
MB Statement on Referendum's Outcome
Tuesday, March 22,2011 08:28

In an unprecedented democratic scene which Egypt has missed throughout the last 60 years, millions took to the streets to freely express their will in a referendum on amending the constitution after they were finally convinced that their votes have become influential and will not be rigged as was the case in the republican era in which their votes would be counted amid widespread rigging and fraud.
The Egyptians declared a genuine desire to see change render to lasting freedom, democracy and justice after they suffered from tyranny, injustice, oppression and corruption. It is a message to the whole world and to schemers at home and abroad that there will be no going back.
We have never before seen such discipline; it is a true democracy which is immortalized in history.
There is no division. There were some who voted 'yes' and others who voted 'no". The differences are political, not religious. Thefts and acts of thuggery have not been committed in the post-Mubarak era because everyone agreed on one goal, namely, the democratic transition and the benefit of Egypt.
We call on Egyptians to respect the will and choice of the people after this democratic exercise which we regard as an historic departure in Egyptian political life.
The Muslim Brotherhood hailed the outcome but rejects accusations in order to resume work so that we can realize the goals of the revolution in the manner chosen by the people.
Egypt is in urgent need for the political forces to cooperate with one another in order to achieve the people's demands and to rescue Egypt from its political, economic and social crises, without exclusion because we are now entering a new phase in which Egyptians are going to decide on the shape of their new state for decades to come.