MB offshoot in Jordan demands dismissal of PM
MB offshoot in Jordan demands dismissal of PM
Sunday, March 27,2011 09:08

Jordan's Muslim Brotherhood’s offshoot, leftists and trade unions have united in their call for the ouster of Prime Minister Maaruf Bakhit, accusing him of the violence that has killed one person and injured 160.

In a press conference, Hamza Mansur, chief of the MB political arm of the Islamic Action Front stated that movement demands the immediate resignation, or the sacking, of the government and the formation of a national unity and reformist government which would win the people's trust and protect their lives.

According to Mansour any government that kills citizens loses its legitimacy Anger was triggered following accusations by the government which alleged that the IAF, the country’s strongest opposition spread chaos and Mansur has asserted that the government is responsible of crimes against humanity with no apparent agenda for reform.

In turn the government has wrongfully accused the MB in Egypt and Syria of giving the IAF orders. An accusation rejected by the Islamists who maintained they do not take orders or instructions from anybody.