MB offshoot in Bahrain calls for GCC confederation
MB offshoot in Bahrain calls for GCC confederation
Tuesday, March 29,2011 18:58
By Al Sayyed Al Abbadi
Secretary-General of the Muslim Brotherhood’s offshoot in Bahrain the Menbar National Islamic Society Dr Abdul Latif Al-Sheikh, urged the need for the unity of the Arab Gulf states, through the formation of a federation including the six GCC countries federation. 
Al-Sheik highlighted the significance of forming the federation to deal with the political turmoil sweeping across the Arab world and to unite under a common platform and  live up to the aspirations of their people in agreeing to an oil policy, a unified economy, political and economic stability and a single foreign policy as well as reforms that cement social cohesion, announcing his support for national unity at home and abroad.
Al-Sheikh called for the need to dismiss the Sykes–Picot Agreement of 1916 between the governments of the UK and France after the downfall of the Ottoman Empire during World War I aimed at dividing the Arab provinces into areas of future British and French control or influence unable to meet hostile schemes and play an active role in the new global system.
"Achievements of the GCC countries must primarily be in the realm of geopolitics, he said, adding we must stop foreign plots and Iran's ambitions through concerted efforts to confront dangers surrounding us, especially as our destinies are one, and any threat faced by any GCC state, consider it a threat to all.