12 years of National Islamic cooperation under research in Doha
Friday, December 22,2006 00:00
By Elias Tamalali
The sessions of the sixth National Islamic conference started today in Doha with participations of about 270 figures from all over the Islamic and Arab worlds.
The conference- that left its traditional capital Beirut- is discussing the status and future of the nation, and what was achieved objectively since the first conference, 12 years ago.
It also studies discusses increasing the cooperation between both worlds, confronting the " US-Zionist project" and supporting resistance in Iraq and Palestine, two files they will prevail over the activities both quantitatively and qualitatively.
The two-day conference will make a decision over the resignation lodged by its General Coordinator, Essam El-Erian, who declared it after the Egyptian authorities denied him travel more than once.
The Palestinian file, specially in the light of the last clashes between Fatah and Hamas and the deadlock of the talks over the unity government, may be the main topic in the conference and it will be given more highlight through the attendance of the most eminent figures in the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas like its politburo office chairman, Khalid Mashaal, and the leader Mohamed Nazzal.
Mashaal delivered a long speech in which he explained the Palestinian status quo and Hamas stance towards the current tensions, the Palestinian Liberation Movement (Fatah) and towards the stances of the Arab countries.
In addition to both the Iraqi and Palestinian files, there are other issues like issues of Lebanon, Sudan and Somalia, and there are also issues which weren’t discussed before in the conference, like the issue of the Western Desert.
This made Abdullah Gaballah, the chairman of the Algerian Islah movement declare that he wasn’t consulted about preparing the conference paper, and that he was surprised of it.
Gaballah added that if there is a case, those concerned with it should come to discuss it, saying it isn’t wise include such issues, but he will anyway present his opinion regarding them.