MB Calls for Exclusion of Abdel Salam Gomaa from Prosecuting Al-Adli
MB Calls for Exclusion of Abdel Salam Gomaa from Prosecuting Al-Adli
Friday, April 29,2011 11:49


The Muslim Brotherhood expressed deepening concern on the trial of Habib El-Adly and six of his senior aides standing trial for the intentional murder of unarmed protesters.
They referred to fears expressed by freedom and human rights committees at the Lawyers’ Syndicate and the victims families on the choice of Judge Adel Abdel Salaam Gomaa known for handling political cases and "always ruled against opposers of the ousted regime".
In their weekly message after the meeting was held in the headquarters of the Brotherhood's Executive Bureau, they noted that the group continues to appreciate the independence of the Egyptian judiciary, which has always been the final bulwark against the tyranny of the former regime.
Egypt's supreme judicial council head urged to take into account fears raised by the lawyers about Judge Adel Abdel Salam Gomaa and said he must step down as head of the court trying the former interior minister and his senior aides.
The Brothers demand “immediate investigation” into corruption allegations and the re-examination of a report by the Central Auditing Agency (CAA) on the special funds as it revealed major corruption that caused Egypt to lose more than 12,7 billion pounds. It is imperative that the public prosecutor considers what was writen during parliamentary meetings during its 2005-2010 legislative term on funds and brings all those responsible to court on charges of corruption and wasting public money.
The MB asks the new cabinet, led by Prime Minister Essam Sharaf, to form a specialized committee to investigate sales made to countries like Israel on exporting natural gas and stand in solidarity with the beleaguered people of Gaza.
Regionally, the Muslim Brotherhood warns the West against intervening in Libya, cast aside their colonialist ambitions and avoid protecting Gaddafi and his gang in their search for a safe haven. They demand the Libyan people beware against such foreign intervention, continue with their resistance and ensure the integrity of Libya's territory.