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MB Chairman Congratulates Palestinian Factions on Reconciliation
MB Chairman Congratulates Palestinian Factions on Reconciliation
Sunday, May 8,2011 09:18

Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie welcomed on Saturday, Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal and a delegation of Palestinian trends in the newly-opened MB headquarters in Muqattam.

Badie addressed the delegation congratulating them on signing the long-awaited Palestinian unity accord with Fatah and called for continued unity against the “Zionist” occupation.

According to Mashal, Hamas is a national liberation movement with an Islamic background, whose aim is to free the land and restore the Palestinians’ rights. He stated that one of the benefits of Egypt’s People’s Revolution which toppled Mubarak and his regime was addressing the Palestinian issue. He added "We have all suffered from the division, and from day one we have been aiming for real reconciliation, but it was not possible because of the involvement of other parties."