Chancellor Warns of Agendas Against Moving Forward
Chancellor Warns of Agendas Against Moving Forward
Tuesday, May 17,2011 14:09

Urging crowds to try to hang on get organized and shepherd the revolution into the next, electoral phase Chancellor Mahmoud Khodairy spoke about the significance of running elections as scheduled He stressed that Egyptians want to live in a more democratic and open environment warning against counter revolutionary forces who aimed at creating a destabilized political environment in order to advance their interests.

Khodairy who was a guest speaker at a Muslim Brotherhood rally voiced his apprehension towards groups in Egypt that would prefer it if the country did not realize the revolutionary objectives of Tahrir Square.

Agreeing with the chancellor, former MB MP and lawyer Sobhi Saleh called on the youths to build the nation and ignore the former regime’s remnants of manipulating sectarian tensions to maintain control over the population and justify non-democratic politics. Stressing that although sedition may be unsettling we must not be intimidated since its incitement is precisely the kind of events that counterrevolutionary groups hope to exploit going forward.

Saleh highlighted that advantage should be made of the revolution’s success claiming that for the first time Egypt may witness elections characterised with integrity and transparency. He stated that since its establishment the group has peacefully called for democracy through these free and fair elections and the MB although promotes the forming of a civil state based on Islamic references which guarantees justice and equality for all regardless of religion and ideological differences is obliged to respect the will of the people demonstrated through the ballot boxes.