MB Holds Silent Protest Along Alexandria's Corniche
MB Holds Silent Protest Along Alexandria's Corniche
Tuesday, May 24,2011 13:43


Describing the people’s revolution as ‘unfinished’ the Muslim Brotherhood in Alexandria organized a stand along the promenade, beginning from noon Tuesday and ending at sunset.

Deputy Chairman of the MB Dr. Gomaa Amin, explained that many of the revolution's demands have not been met and this peaceful stand is to illustrate the dissatisfaction of many Egyptians with the current affairs.

The main demands include the speedy trial of the ousted Mubarak, his family, his henchmen and his aides, as well as the trial of those responsible for the death of demonstrators during the revolution, the dismissal of Deputy PM Yehia el Gamal, and the isolation of the remnants of the regime and the resignation of Alexandria governor, Dr. Essam Salem, who is known for his strong ties and loyalty to the disposed regime