MB Chairman: We Reject Attempts to Steal the Revolution
MB Chairman: We Reject Attempts to Steal the Revolution
Thursday, May 26,2011 12:53

MB chairman, Dr. Mohamed Badie, stressed that the Egyptian revolution was a blessing from Allah. He pointed out that the night Mubarak was ousted from power was the anniversary of the assassination of the founder of the MB, Hassan Al-Banna. Allah chose the night of the assassination of Al-Banna to grant us victory to the revolution.

In the mass conference held yesterday following the opening of the MB headquarters in Qalyoubeya governorate, he stressed that the rights of those whose blood was shed is our responsibility and we should never allow anyone to steal the revolution; rather, we should bring them to justice.

He called for the reconstruction of Egypt with the cooperation of the Christians and all political powers, pointing out that the Turkish people told the Egyptians that they can be more advanced than the Turks.

He noted that Islam guarantees Christians all their rights, and defends and protects them, pointing out that the Noble Quran has ordered the protection of churches while it did not order the protection of mosques. He added that Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) always called people to look after their neighbors.

He pointed out that the MB Shura Council has unanimously agreed on selecting Dr. Rafiq Habib as second deputy chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party.

Dr. Badie warned of Israeli attempts to thwart the Egyptian revolution. He criticized attempts to manipulate the will of the Egyptian people after 20 million of them voted “yes” for the constitutional amendments with 77%.

He noted that the referendum was carried out during the absence of security forces; nevertheless, not a single violation occurred, because it was the Egyptian people who secured the ballot boxes. He stressed that the Egyptian people can handle the challenges and protect the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Dr. Badie addressed the youth saying: “You are the fuel of the revolution." He called on them to remember the statement of Imam Hassan Al-Banna and be serious and alert.

He also called on them to form local committees for literacy, national unity and increasing awareness and to pass any good ideas and suggestions to the civil and armed forces in any governorate. He noted that Islam has guaranteed a job for every unemployed person, adding that we urge the government to help this to be achieved.

Dr. Mahmoud Ghozlan from the MB Guidance Bureau, stated that Allah planned for Mubarak to give his emotional speech which made many people leave Tahrir Square, and He is the one who made them use their horses and camels against the protesters; however, all their plans turned against them. Allah has written for Mubarak not to escape - just like Bin Ali - in order to be prosecuted.