MB Leader: We Will Sacrifice our Souls to Defend our Coptic Brethren in Their Places of Worship
MB Leader: We Will Sacrifice our Souls to Defend our Coptic Brethren in Their Places of Worship
Sunday, May 29,2011 12:56

Dr. Mohamed Al-Beltagy from the MB and member of the Revolution’s Board of Trustees, attacked the national and private press in the first conference for the MB in the Shobra Al-Khema area on Friday, May 27. The conference was entitled “Hear from Us Like You Hear about Us”. He described the press as causing sedition. He noted that there are some newspapers which publish rumors and false news about the MB and Salafis.

He stated that Allah has granted them success that is beyond their dreams, adding that their utmost dreams were to have a former president, but now we have a president who is charged and detained. He stated that the country is being purified from corruption and corruptors. He also pointed out that this is a testing time, not a time of celebration as we have many challenges to bring Egypt back to its status.

He pointed out that the current changes in Egypt could change the whole nation, stressing that Western systems had appointed presidents in Arab and Islamic countries who serve the enemies of our nation.

He added that the former regime was against the reconciliation between Palestinian parties and African-Egyptian relations. It was also against allowing the grand imam of Al-Azhar from meeting the MB or Salafi scholars.

Al-Beltagy added that there are many enemies who do not wish the best for our country or any presence of Islamists or the MB. He called on Islamists to review their statements to the media and to be careful and alert and work together to reconstruct the nation. 

Al-Beltagy added that the MB would sacrifice their souls and blood to defend our Coptic brothers in their places of worship. He explained that the MB did not participate in 'Angry Friday' because it was called for by those who want the people to clash and make divisions between the people and the Security Council who has pledged to secure the revolution.

Dr. Mohamed Abdel Maqsoud called on Islamic groups to deal with non-Muslims from a religious perspective, instead of a national perspective and to guarantee their safety and security amongst Muslims. 

He warned of sectarian strife, stressing that it is the real danger in this country by causing clashes between Salafis, Sufis and the MB. He added that we are going through a transitional period and Muslims should unite together with the Copts. 

He pointed out that the former regime used to scare Copts from their Muslim brothers.

Saint Arma Adly, bishop of Shubra Al-Kheima, expressed his happiness with this conference which was attended by thousands of the MB. He pointed out that the ousted regime always put barriers between Muslims and Copts and always intended to scare the Copts from the MB, saying: “In the past, we used to get scared every time we see anyone with a beard, now love is replacing fear.”