SCAF Calls for National Consensus
SCAF Calls for National Consensus
Monday, May 30,2011 22:26

In an attempt to reassure Egyptians the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) posted a statement on its Facebook page confirming it would not remain in power after elections and that it would hand over power to an elected civilian authority.

Referring to Friday's protests the SCAF confirmed that it dealt with all Egyptian national forces without bias or exclusion. It called for national consensus among the political forces demands so that they can be presented to the people for either approval or refusal and highlighted the significance for unifying efforts urging all Egyptians to leave differences behind.

The SCAF rejected allegations that it aimed to drive a wedge between the army and the people stressing that it had both sided with and supported the revolution since the beginning of the revolution arguing that it had not sought power in Egypt .

Concluding its statement SCAF stressed that they will respect the people who will have the final word to be determined through the ballot box.