Egypt’s PM Calls on People to Remain Patient
Egypt’s PM Calls on People to Remain Patient
Monday, June 6,2011 10:54

Addressing a forum on the January 25 Revolution which ousted the former dictator president Mubarak, PM Essam Sharaf stated that freedom, democracy and social justice were the three main demands of the January ‎‎Revolution.

Calling on the people to demonstrate patience, he stressed that ‎Egypt was currently witnessing the beginning of the democratic transformation, adding that the nation, however, must bear the ‎ensuing difficulties and obstacles. ‎

He cited that the people not only seek changes of faces but a complete amendment of corrupt institutions is expected. He claimed that the changes the revolution has called for are ‎radical ones.‎

According to Sharaf who spoke at the forum in Cairo entitled ‘The Directions of ‎the Democratic Transformation, International Experiences and Learned Lessons’, time and patience is needed to fight the corruption which had been deeply rooted in Egypt for so long.