MB Executive Bureau discusses Future Agenda
MB Executive Bureau discusses Future Agenda
Friday, June 10,2011 11:01


 The Muslims Brotherhood's Executive Bureau held its first meeting on Wednesday after the Parties Affairs Committee accepted the establishment of its Freedom and Justice Party (FJP). Four major issues were covered during the meeting.

Methods to ensure the independence of the FJP in both its political and administrative decisions were discussed. They also examined how to support cooperation and coordination between the two establishments in different governorates. Discussions also included the harnessing of the administrative offices to serve the new party in the governorates.
The scheduling of an election date for the group's Shura Council to elect three successors for Dr. Essam El-Erian, Dr. Mohamed Saad al-Katatni and Dr. Mohamed Morsy was also discussed. The three former MB Executive Bureau members left their positions as members on the Executive Bureau after assuming leading roles in the FJP.
The meeting also looked into fielding the group's candidates in the upcoming parliamentary elections scheduled for September. A list of possible nominees has been prepared through internal elections held recently in different cities, constituencies and governorates.
The meeting also covered potential dialogue between the MB and the National Assembly for Change. The dialogue may aim at forming a national alliance and a unified list of candidates to run for elections.