CIA Blames Mubarak for Its Failure to Predict Revolution
CIA Blames Mubarak for Its Failure to Predict Revolution
Tuesday, June 14,2011 05:48

A recent article in Newsweek cites that the American government holds the ousted president Hosni Mubarak responsible for the failure of the CIA to predict the Egyptian Revolution, which overthrew one of America's strongest allies, a relationship that took years of effort to build.

Reminiscing about the past, American spies cannot help feeling some resentment towards Mubarak who had proved to be a worthy ally in the past. The article cites that the Arab uprisings witnessed during the last months may not be an easy pill to swallow as intelligence and so called ‘counter-terrorism’ associations predict dangers looming ahead.
Blaming Mubarak for coercing the US to turn a blind eye to hardships at home, the CIA finds it has wasted years and effort to build this alliance which failed to step up to the plate when the time called for it.

According to a former US intelligence veteran, the system of the former regime was very clear; cooperate with the Americans against international terrorism and in return Washington would ignore the unrest at home.

According to Bruce Hoffman, a terrorism expert at Georgetown University, the US trusted that the communication intelligence was built on personal relationships in the past, working with people who are focused on the threat of international terrorism and accomplishing their mission. He concludes now, if intelligence personnel are focused at all, it is on the internal threat, and their mission is saving their jobs, stating that many of them will see that having anything to do with the United States is toxic.