NED Honours Egyptian and Tunisian and Activists
NED Honours Egyptian and Tunisian and Activists
Monday, June 20,2011 23:50

The National Endowment for Democracy Centre in the US will be honouring Tunisian and Egyptian activists in a ceremony to be held Wednesday June 22.

The award is symbolic in honouring all those in Egypt and Tunisia who struggled and even gave their lives for freedom, dignity and a democratic future.

The Awards will be accepted by Jamel Bettaieb a Tunisian activist, teacher and trade unionist from Sidi Bouzid, hometown of Mohammed Bouazizi, whose death ignited Tunisia's revolution, and Zahraa Said sister of Khaled Said, the young Egyptian blogger whose murder by the police last June led to the creation of the "We Are All Khalid Said” Facebook page believed to be the catalyst responsible for Egypt's revolution.

Famous intellectuals and activists and bloggers from numerous organizations will be attending the ceremony.