FJP: Public Outrage Over Slow Trials Justified
FJP: Public Outrage Over Slow Trials Justified
Saturday, July 9,2011 22:32

Following yesterday's mass protests, Dr. Mohamed Morsy, Chairman of FJP, stated that the public outrage and frustration over slow pace of reform and trials in corruption and police killing cases is justified, and that the SCAF should take necessary steps to fulfill revolution's demands.

Morsy praised the hundreds of thousands of Egyptians who packed into Cairo's Tahrir Square on Friday calling for justice and showing solidarity, describing them as a typical example of citizens abandoning their apathy.It is on this note that Morsy highlighted the significance of solidarity stating that through this unity the people’s demands will be met.

 He called on the pro-democracy coalitions to respect the people’s will, citing reform would only be possible if people learnt to commit to a choice made by a majority that also respects the rights of minority, regardless of differences or personal aspirations.

The FJP leader also cited the necessity of establishing institutions both social and political which would appease the people and illustrate the authority’s sincerity in building a better nation. Morsy concluded his statement highlighting that channelling all energies to these priorities will without doubt contribute to Egypt’s development and a happier people.