Police Arrests Khyrat El Shatter, MB Deputy Chairman
Police Arrests Khyrat El Shatter, MB Deputy Chairman
Thursday, December 14,2006 00:00

In a serious escalation, police forces in Egypt arrested Khyrat El Shatter, Second Deputy Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood along with more than 180 students affiliated with the MB at Al Azhar University, in addition to several staff members. Among those who were arrested is Ayman Abdelghany, El shatter’s son in-law and the coordinator of the MB’s Students Department.

The arrests took place around 3:00 AM-Cairo time- on Thursday, when huge numbers of police forces sealed off Nasr City district, where El Shatter’s apartment is located, arresting him, before heading towards Al Azhar University Campus arresting the entire 180 students living at al Safa dormitory.

The campaign of arrests extended to include several staff members at Al Azhar University among them, Dr. Fareed Galbat, prof. of international law at the Faculty of Law and Sharia; Dr. Essam Abdel Mohsen, Prof. of Biochemistry at the Faculty of Medicine; and Dr. Salah Al Desoky, Teacher at the Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine; in addition to Engineer Mamduh Al Hussini, a senior MB leader from Cairo. 

The arrest of the Second Deputy Chairman among other senior MB leaders is a major escalation on the part of the Egyptian government towards the Muslim Brotherhood and another major setback for the hollow promises of political reform always given by the Egyptian regime.

The state controlled media in Egypt has been waging a campaign of intimidation and misinformation against the Muslim Brotherhood in recent days following the infamous semi military parade organized by MB students in Al Azhar University, which was part of a play the students were performing. Despite the MB students’ apology for the misunderstanding created by their parade, government sources have capitalized on the mishap and began to disseminate false information about alleged MB’s militia, accusations that strongly rejected by the MB leaders.

Mohammed Khairat Saad Al- Shatter

Born in Dakahleya on May 4th 1950

Academic Qualifications
B.Sc. of Civil Engineering, Alexandria University,1974
Master Degree in Construction Management, Mansoura University,1980
B.A from  Anthropology Department, Faculty of Arts,  Ain  Shams University,2002
Islamic Studies diploma, Islamic Studies Institute, 1999
Diploma in Social Work and NGOs, Faculty of Economics and
Political Science, Cairo University, 2000
Diploma in Business Administration, Faculty of Commerce, Ain Shams University, 1998
Diploma in International Marketing, Faculty of Commerce, Helwan
University, 2000
Professional Career
Worked as an administrator in the Faculty of Engineering, Mansoura University from 1974 until 1981
In 1981, late president Sadat suspended him from working in the university

In 1981 onwards he established his own business in different areas and companies
He currently runs his private group of companies, in addition to being a board member in some major banks and companies

Political and Islamic activities
Khairat Al-Shatter started his political activities as early as 1966
When he was a secondary school student
He was a founding  member of the general Islamic action in 1967 especially in Alexandria where he played pivotal role in establishing the general Islamic awakening (Sahwa) starting early seventies
He has been a  Muslim Brotherhood member since 1974
He took the lead in many Muslim Brotherhood affairs, inter alia, Education, Human Development and Management
He was elected member of Muslim Brotherhood Executive Bureau  Bureau in 1995
Al- Shatter has been to prison several times during Nasser and Mubarak eras

In 1968 after participation in the famous students demonstrations that followed the 1967 War, he was kept in prison for four months then dismissed from university .Right after he was released, he was drafted into the Army in the Red Sea town, a far –off area from Cairo and Alexandria
In 1992 he was imprisoned for one year in the famous Salsabeel case

In 1995 he was sentenced to five years, along with 54 members of Muslim Brotherhood who were sentenced from three to five years; he was released in July 2000
In 2001 he was imprisoned for almost one year in what was known as Imbaba group, a Muslim Brotherhood meeting

Eng. Al –Shatter has been to Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Jordan, and UK. He has also been to Arab, Asian and European countries