FJP Expresses Concern Over Abbaseya Clashes, Calls for Unity and Self-Restraint
FJP Expresses Concern Over Abbaseya Clashes, Calls for Unity and Self-Restraint
Monday, July 25,2011 02:57

The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) received with sorrow the clashes that took place in Abbaseya square Saturday, leading to confrontations among Egyptians in a scene we were hoping not to witness in post-revolutionary Egypt, particularly that we are heading towards building a society based on respecting freedoms and the rule of law. 

The FJP believes that these events came as a result of the discontent of some people with the slow pace of purging the state's institutions and prosecuting corrupt officials from the old regime.  

The FJP does not doubt the patriotism of any of the sides of the clash, whether those calling for a march towards the military council, or those rejecting it. However, what is most crucial now is the unity and solidarity among all national forces and also among all Egyptians until we overcome this serious moment in the history of our country. Cooperation among all to reach our desired democracy must be the priority, aside from any self-interested goals or narrow political visions.

The FJP respects the pivotal role played by the SCAF in protecting the Egyptian people's revolution, while also acknowledging the patriotic motives of those who called for a march to SCAF to pressure it into speeding up the reform process. 

Finally, the FJP urges all sides to have self-restraint and try to reach common grounds until the country passes this deadlock, and until the Egyptian people accomplish their dream of a strong, free, and democratic Egypt.