Election of Three Executive Bureau Members Broadcast Live
Election of Three Executive Bureau Members Broadcast Live
Saturday, August 6,2011 18:01

To the surprise on many people, the Muslim Brotherhood insisted on practicing democracy in the open to prove the internal democracy of the group and to show its commitment to transparency. Every one watched today (Saturday August 6) on "Al-Jazeera live – Egypt" a live broadcast from Nasr City, Cairo for the complementary election of three Executive Bureau members to replace three other who joined the Freedom and Justice party.

The three leaders of FJP, Mohamed Morsi, Saad El-Katatny and Essam El-Eryan, are now out of the Executive Bureau of the Brotherhood as the group decided earlier that no member of the FJP should remain holding a post in the Brotherhood, to ensure separation between Group from the Party. Three other new members will join the Executive Bureau instead of those FJP leaders.

It is a small step for the Executive Bureau, but a huge one for Islamism in Egypt, showing how the Brotherhood is practicing democracy in the open, and not only breaching or advocating it.