FJP Not to Participate in Friday Tahrir Protests
FJP Not to Participate in Friday Tahrir Protests
Tuesday, August 9,2011 17:42

Freedom and Justice Party Secretary General Dr. Saad Katatny said in a statement Tuesday that it is imperative that all political factions regardless of ideologies and political differences cooperate and unite in the upcoming phase.

It is on this note that Katatny announced that while it is a basic right for all Egyptians to express their opinion, the FJP will not participate in the rally scheduled for this Friday August 12.

"It is imperative the people express solidarity and determine what the next chapter holds for Egypt as the pages turn toward a new future for this country" he added.

"With this unity, the people will be able to charter their own future, as they continue to pressure authorities to fulfill the demands of the January 25 Revolution. A future where tolerance, respect for human rights, and equality are the norm" the statement concluded.