Bishry: Supra-Constitutional Principles Illegitimate
Bishry: Supra-Constitutional Principles Illegitimate
Friday, August 12,2011 18:59

Rejecting statements by Deputy Prime Minister Ali Al-Selmy about the issuance of supra-constitutional principles, ChancellorTarek el Bishry described them as illegitimate.

Speaking to Ikhwanweb, Bishry cited that the charter to be released will not be agreed on by the Supreme Court nor will any court be obliged to follow any bill of principles that the constituent assembly might use.

Bishry added the people’s voice was heard during the March vote and Egyptians expressed their will in the referendum and there was no need to draft a new legislation before elections.

"The provisions of the referendum on constitutional amendments should be binding for all of Egypt including the Supreme Council of Armed Forces, government factions and all national and political trends," Bishry stated