FJP Meets With Omani Ambassador, Discusses Bilateral Relations
FJP Meets With Omani Ambassador, Discusses Bilateral Relations
Friday, August 19,2011 10:21
Dr. Mohamed Morsy, Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) leader and Secretary General Dr. Saad Katatny, met with Oman’s Ambassador to Cairo Khalifa bin Ali Alharethy Thursday to discuss future relations between the two countries in the wake of the revolution.

Morsy highlighted that there was an media exaggeration of security and economic problems in Egypt, adding that the majority of political factions are calling for democracy regadless of their political background, and that more focus should be on the upcoming parliamentary elections scheduled for November and December. 

Discussing the constitution, Morsy stressed that there was no such thing as supra-constitutional principles and that the constitution should be drafted by a committee elected after the parliamentary elections. He stated that an agreement was signed Wednesday, in the presence of all Presidential candidates on principles of a new constitution, which won the approval of all country’s political powers.

Katatny added that "Egypt cannot be ruled by only one political party in the upcoming phase, hence it is necessary that unity and consensus be a priority for all”. The party he stated is not planning on securing a majority in parliament but is competing for a maximum of 50% of the seats, hoping to win %35.

The meeting ended amicably with all round well wishers for the coming period and bi-lateral relation between the two countries.